Ashley Whippet Enterprises   
 Ashley Whippet Enterprises returns, running the World Championships, 
and helping us all to celebrate our great history!!! Frisbee Dogs of the world rejoice!

Unified Frisbee Dog Operations  
 Had enough frisbee contests yet? Never! The UFO World Cup Series is back! 
Check the tournament schedule to see when an event is scheduled near *you*! 

The Quadruped  
 The Quad is a fun distance contest started by Jeff Hoot. 
The cream of the crop with the big arms and super-fast dogs in an exciting head-to-head competition format. 
Check it out!!  

Flying Disc Dog Open  
 The FDDO is a Pro/Am Canine Disc Championship that holds three major events across the USA a season and is host to a National Title and National Disc Dog Club Title. 
Check out the obstacle course event, the most unique disc dog event out there! 

 Skyhoundz sponsors tons of local competitions all over the country, along with several Regional Championships and a final National Championship. There's bound to be one near you! 

US Disc Dog Nationals  
 Site for the USDDN, running a series of events in the US, culminating in a National Championship!  

Incredible Dog Challenge  
 The Purina Incredible Dog Challenge has various Regional Championships across the country, 
with the winners of each Regional competing for the National Title at the end of the season! 
One of the few nationally televised frisbee dog events! 

International Disc Dog Handlers' Association  
The IDDHA ranks and keeps records of various frisbee dog activities.
UFO (United Frisbee Operations)                       Skyhoundz Championship Series

US Disc Dog Nationals (USDDN)                                 Flying Disc Dog Open

Here are the links to the major organizations that host world wide events. 
Visit thier sites for detailed rules and guidelines.

Each one operates a little differently.

For a notebook of ALL the Orgs. 
Rules, Guidelines, Field maps, scoring structure,  put together in one place for easy access,  
please contact Cassi. For Members Only.
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